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What is the difference between "Asymmetric", "Symmetric" and "Super - Symmetric®" Two-Post lifts?
Asymmetric lifts move back the center of gravity of the vehicle. This benefits passenger cars, allowing the door to swing open behind the lift column, minimizing the risk of door damage.
Symmetric lifts evenly distribute the center of gravity of the vehicle between the lift columns. Allows the door to swing open in the middle of the lift column.
Super - Symmetric® lifts are the best of both which includes 2-stage rear arms and 3-stage front arms,allows the operator to collapse the front arms to easily lift a short wheel based vehicle and extend the arms to raise a long wheel based vehicle.

What are the floor requirements to install a lift?
Concrete must be at least 4” thick, in good condition and must be of test strength 3,000 (250 kg/cm²) minimum.

What type of electrical requirements do I need?
Standard requirements is 220V single phase or 380V 3 phases

What are the fluid requirements for lifts?
For a good cylinder life cycle use a brand name hydraulic oil 46# 

How long will it take to get a lift?
Your distributor may deliver the lift the same day if in stock.  Factory production times have an average of 45 days plus transit time to the destination.

How about the payment term ?
Payment terms are irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight or 30% wire transfer to confirm your order and 70% wire transfer payment prior to loading your order onto a container or truck.  Orders must be prepaid 100% prior to shipment.

What is the warranty on my Lift?
AMGO offers one of the best product warranties in the industry from the original factory commercial invoice date in the industry as follows: 
1. Steel structure components(including Columns,Carriage,Lifting Arms, Top Beam, Floor Cover, Platform, Cross Beam, Car Drive-in Ramp, Scissor, Base plate, etc.) warranty for five years. 

2. Hydraulic parts (including cylinders, oil seal, oil hose, fitting etc.) warranty for three years.

3. Other parts (not including consumption parts such as rubber pad) electrical components, power unit warranty for two years.

AMGO Hydraulic Corporation Warranty Terms and Conditions: Any items received that fall into the warranty category, (inoperable, or manufacturer's defect) should be handled by AMGO Hydraulic Corporation under manufacturer's written warranty conditions. Customer should call AMGO Hydraulic Corporation to have us troubleshoot problem by phone first. Warranty conditions will be provided with all shipments. We will happily assist customers with any warranty service. 

AMGO Hydraulic Corporation offers one of the best warranties in the business with warranties as follows: 1.Steel Structure Components(including columns, carriages, lifting arms, top beam, floor cover, platform, crossbeam, car drive-in ramp, scissor, base plate, etc.) Warranty for Five(5) Years.  2.Hydraulic Parts (including cylinders, oil seal, oil hose, fitting etc.) Warranty for Three(3) Years.  3.Other Parts(not including consumption parts such as rubber pads), electrical components, power unit have Warranty for Two(2) Years. Warranty coverage would be applicable to the 48 contiguous states. If outside the 48 contiguous states, please call AMGO Hydraulic Corporation. If warranty parts are needed, AMGO Hydraulic Corporation will send them at our own cost at standard ground shipping rate. If customer need parts more quickly, it will be the customer's responsibility to pay for expedited shipping charges. AMGO Hydraulic Corporation will not compensate customers for down time when their equipment is out of service. AMGO Hydraulic Corporation is not responsible for any service bill unless otherwise agreed upon in writing before service work is performedAMGO Hydraulic Corporation will not compensate customers for time lost if freight is not delivered on the date or time estimated by the freight company.  

It is the customer's responsibility to inspect shipment at time of delivery and refuse shipment if damaged. You have the right to inspect package regardless of what the truck driver says. If item appears to not be damaged, but looks as if there is a possibility of damage, customer should make a note of it on the acceptance slip when signing for shipment. If an item has been damaged during shipment and customer has already accepted /received shipment, it is customer's responsibility to file a claim with the shipping companyCustomer must notify freight carrier and AMGO Hydraulic Corporation within 48 hours of any hidden freight damage. Customer must open all packages within 48 hours of receiving and inventory equipment to verify product was received complete and notify us within 48 hours if there are any problems or missing parts. 

We incur many costs when processing and shipping orders. If the order is cancelled before the item has shipped, but after payment has been processed, we will credit customer minus a 3% merchant processing fee. This is a fee that merchant accounts charge on every transaction and is non-refundable. Customers will be charged for shipping costs for any orders that are canceled after item has already shipped, but not yet received by customer. They may also be responsible for a restocking fee.

Delivery: AMGO Hydraulic Corporation makes no guarantee that ordered items will arrive by a certain time or date. Any quote regarding delivery date or time frame is merely an estimate. If you absolutely must have product within a certain time frame, you must notify AMGO Hydraulic Corporation at time of order. Most items can be expected anywhere between 2-7 days, but could take up to 21 days, depending on various factors. AMGO Hydraulic Corporation is not responsible for any additional fees customer may incur for rental of equipment for purposes of unloading or other purposes related to receiving product. AMGO Hydraulic Corporation is not responsible if freight company provides customer with a delivery date, and unforeseen circumstances delay shipment further. Once again, any delivery date, provided either by AMGO Hydraulic Corporation or the freight carrier is merely an estimate, not a guarantee of a delivery date. Any number of various shippers may be used to deliver product to destination, depending on the item being shipped, quantity, time and destination. Some larger items will need a loading dock or some other special means to remove item from delivery vehicle.Customers are responsible to provide for these means. Again, customer is responsible for unloading heavy truck freight shipments from delivery truck,unless other arrangements have been made (ie: lift gate delivery). Additional charges will apply for a lift gate delivery and/or residence delivery. Some items are too large for a lift gate. Customer is also responsible for installation of products, unless otherwise agreed to. Customer must follow the AMGO Hydraulic Corporation installation specifications and instructions for installation and operation exactly or warranty may be eliminated. If freight company attempts delivery and nobody is present to receive shipment, causing a subsequent re-delivery attempt, customer will be responsible for paying a re-delivery fee. Additional charges would also be required if customer needs to re-direct shipment to a different delivery address after order has already shipped. Customer may also be responsible for storage fees if freight carrier must hold product due to customer being unable to receive product for periods of two days or more.

Installation: Upon request, AMGO Hydraulic Corporation can provide you with the name of a local installer to install your automotive lift for you. We offer these as a reference and a convenience to our customers. These installers are independent, third party contractors, that you, the customer decide to hire or not. These installers are not agents, partners, nor are they employed by AMGO Hydraulic CorporationAMGO Hydraulic Corporation disclaims any guarantee, warranty or promise, whether implied or expressed by the installer / contractor regarding their workmanship, fitness for a particular purpose, or the materials the independent contractor will use. We provide installer quotes for informational purposes only. Ultimately,it is your, (the customer's) decision on whether or not to hire them. We do not advise or recommend you to use any particular contractor. Using these installers is the customer's choice, and means that the customer assumes all risk and AMGO Hydraulic Corporation assumes no liability whatsoever for any damages or loss. We will gladly obtain quotes from these installers / contractors on your behalf, merely as a convenience to you, if asked to do so

What are the lifting capacities of AMGO Lifts? 

From 6,000 lbs to over 16,000 lbs or more.

How do I determine the type of automotive lift that would be best for me?

Discuss your automotive lift need with your local distributor. They will be able to recommend what's best for you.