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The AMGO XL-8F is the truest space-saving scissors car lift available today. If you have a limited space, but still like to have a full use lift, then the AMGO XL-8F Scissor Lift is the perfect choice for you. AMGO’s Flush Mount XL-8F Scissor Lift works great for raising vehicles high enough to walk underneath,and has a flush profile design that maximizes limited bay space. The XL-8F is made stronger, more versatile, and easier to use and can lift 8,000lbs.

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• Electric/Hydraulic power system
• Dual synchronous cylinders are applied to assure level lifting level on both platforms
• Platforms are designed to be extended, making it suitable for most cars
• Automatic safety device. The safety release is operated by air cylinders
• Electro-air control cabinet
• Hydraulic equalization, no torsion bar needed

Model XL-8F
Lifting Capacity 8,000lbs (3500kg)
Lifting Time 48 S
A1:Lifting Height 87 3/4" (2230mm)
A2:Minimum Height 13 3/4" (350mm)
B: Overall Length 61"-68 7/8"(1550~1750mm)
C:Overall Width 74 7/8"(1900mm)
D:Runway Width 21 5/8"(550mm)
Motor 2.0HP
Gross Weight 1805 lbs ( 819 kg)
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