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PRO-10AWX the perfect choice of lift, with the combination of great performance and safety, for repairs, tire services, and wheel alignments for your commercial service. The PRO-10AWX, four post lift, is made stronger, more versatile, and easier To use while able to lift up to 10,000lbs.

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   Turn plates are not standard parts. Must be purchased separately 

 10,000 lbs capacity, 4-post lift with small scissor lift. Great for light-duty cars, vans, and trucks

 Mechanical self-locking system and air-driven safety release

 Dual safety mechanism provides additional safety

  Adjustable turnplate pockets to fit different wheelbases

 Skid proof diamond platform provides traction for the tires to stay put

 Aircraft quality cable is used for synchronization

 Strict quality control of hydraulic cylinders with flow restrictor for a stable and smooth operation

• Optional Platform Extension Kits can extend the platform for an additional 24". Kit No: 40902

Model PRO-10AWX
Lifting Capacity 10,000lbs (4500kg)
Scissors Lifting Capacity 8,000lbs (3500kg)
Lifting Time 45S
A:Overall Length (Inc.Ramps) 232 5/8" (5910mm)
B:Overall Length (No.Ramps) 196 3/4" (4998mm)
C:Overall Width 132 1/8" (3356mm)
D:Width Between Columns 118 1/8" (3000mm)
E: Lifting Height 75 3/8" (1915mm)
F: Overall Height 86" (2185mm)
G: Minimum Height 8 5/8" (220mm)
H: Scissors Lifting height 16 1/2" (420mm)
I: Scissors Length 67 3/4"~81 1/2" (1720~2070mm)
Motor 2.0HP
Gross Weight              3461lbs (1570kg) 
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