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Power Units are a relatively new development in our business. However,with 20 years of manufacturing experience, our quality concept of cylinders and hydraulic lifts brings our mission of designing and manufacturing high quality power packs that meet your requirements and needs to the forefront.

AMGO Cylinder Power Units are modularly designed and constructed with interchangeable cartridge valves.  This technique of design and construction makes the power pack extremely flexible and ready to cover a wide range of platforms and uses in engineering machinery, AC, or DC power.  When you need hydraulic parts, AMGO Hydraulics is the name you can trust.

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Benefits of Hydraulic Power Units

Do you have a need for a quality hydraulic power unit?  If so, AMGO Hydraulics has the solution.  Our hydraulic power units are produced with close and constant communication with our customers, all while meeting high standards. We have well educated personnel with technical and commercial knowledge who can help you with your hydraulic power unit needs, no matter the circumstance. 

AMGO Hydraulics’ engineering knowledge is the core of our project processes. We offer quality knowledge, abilities, and experiences for solving any problem or concern brought to us. In the process, our engineers design hydraulic power units according to the customers’ needs and demands. All necessary documentation is prepared, and risks and production capabilities are assessed, before the project is implemented for execution. 

This focus on process is what sets AMGO Hydraulics apart from all other hydraulic part producers. At AMGO, we pay special attention to product design, material purchasing, and manufacturing technology, holding each process to a high standard.  We care about the problem and want to find a solution just as badly as you do. We also provide the design and OEM business of hydraulic cylinders, valves and fittings for various demanding industries. That is why, when it comes to the demands of your hydraulic parts, you should trust in AMGO Hydraulics. 

Advanced production equipment with high standard product quality.

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